Peak Performance Diving: Train at a Higher Level Than Your Competition!

Diving Champion's QUESTNewsflash! Just having your child attend practice will not make them a dominating athlete anymore! Well not since the 1980’s. This is why here at the Champion’s QUEST Athlete Academy we have developed the premier athletic development program for developing, highly competitive & dedicated youth athletes. Champion’s Quest divers develop the mental toughness, strength and stamina needed before they even enter high school! They do this by committing to a highly structured program that is:

  • Based on science

  • In compliance with the American Academy of Pediatrics & American College of sports medicine

  • Optimized for youth athletes by way of a focused school-like curriculum

  • Taught by highly educated and certified Athlete Performance Coaches

  • Guaranteed to greatly improve the athlete’s athleticism & confidence

What is the reason some divers are better than others? They stay flexible, strengthen their bodies and develop the mental toughness needed to succeed!

Diving is a highly challenging sport. It requires endless amounts of both mental and physical stamina in order to be successful. The difference between your athlete being successful at diving or not is decided by their dedication to improving their mind and body. The Champion’s Quest Peak Performance Program for divers is a land-based curriculum that trains your athlete in the areas of strength development, performance nutrition, flexibility for range of motion as well as the mental focus that is vital to every diver.

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