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“I have learned to continue working hard even when exhausted so I can accomplish my goals” - 12y.o. soccer/baseball player - Cypress, CA

Stay in the Game Longer, Finish Stronger

Endurance is vital for more sports than just distance events like running, swimming and cycling.  Fatigue can result in physical and mental performance breakdowns and is a leading limiting factor in athletic performance.  Without stamina, athletes lack the essential element needed for attaining peak performance. Finishing strong is an important strategy and success factor for many winning athletes and teams.  That’s why endurance training gives Champion’s Quest athletes a critical competitive advantage.

Endurance training increases stamina by strengthening and elongating the slow twitch muscles in preparation of extended periods of use. Endurance training creates central and peripheral physiological transformations along with increased performance thresholds for oxygen uptake and blood lactate dissipation.  Central transformations include changes in cardiovascular performance, blood composition, neuro-network development and mitochondrial volume.  Peripheral transformations include increased capilarisation for greater blood supply and heat dissipation, increased muscles fiber, and greater muscle nutrient storage. The three types of endurance that athletes must develop to attain peak athletic performance are aerobic endurance, anaerobic endurance and strength endurance.

The objective of Champion’s Quest endurance training is to develop and increase these critical endurance system components to meet the demands of each athlete’s competitive domain.  The Champion’s Quest Endurance System includes weekly Elite Endurance classes and private endurance training that emphasizes each of the areas of endurance. Athletes enrolled in our Peak Performance Programs are trained using our rigorous Endurance System, which enhances central and peripheral physiological capabilities, increases VO2 max, and builds the appropriate and necessary muscle fiber.

Aerobic Endurance – The Competitive Edge Provided by Endurance

Endurance requires that the circulatory and respiratory systems supply energy to the working muscles to sustained prolonged physical activity.  Aerobic endurance means that the body’s cardiovascular fitness is powered by oxygen and fuel that is provided by intake (breathing and nutrition consumption). The Champion’s Quest Endurance System increases athletic aerobic endurance by elevating the activity level using a continuous and interval training regimen. Additionally, we use specialized resistance devices, such as the Woodway Force Treadmill, to increase the performance of critical endurance system components. This approach means athletes become stronger and they develop more efficient oxygen processing, all of which translate to greater aerobic endurance capacity.

Anaerobic Endurance – Power Through the Pain

When athletes exceed their aerobic capacity threshold they trigger an anaerobic metabolic response.  During anaerobic performance the athlete’s demand for oxygen and fuel exceeds the supply provide aerobically and the muscles are forced to rely on stored fuel reserves. Starved of oxygen, the lactic threshold or anaerobic threshold is soon reached and blood lactate accumulates to a painful conclusion. Anaerobic training is used by athletes to build strength, add muscle mass, and develop mental toughness. Muscles trained under anaerobic conditions develop differently and improve performance in short duration, high intensity activities.  The development of this type of endurance is done through relatively high levels of repetitions with limited amount of rest between each set. Anaerobic endurance can also be explained as the ability to recover quicker between short bursts of 100% effort. Using a pyramid core strength-training program combined with high intensity aerobic training methodologies insure that athletes attain anaerobic training in the Champion’s Quest Endurance System protocol.

Strength Endurance – Sustainable Power

Building strength endurance increases an athlete’s capacity to sustain muscle contractions for longer durations. Increased strength endurance allows athletes to reach higher peak power output, lower relative muscular effort, and reduced risk of injury.   At Champion’s Quest athletes are taken through various types of circuit training, weight training and resistance running exercises to improve their overall endurance strength.

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"Champions Quest has made my knee stronger, and now I am able to play basketball during the summer for my school. I like the basketball court. In order to be successful you have to try and practice and take a lot of time to try to be the best at what you do."

— Girls Basketball Player