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We are the largest independent private school for Athletic Development in the country! Every athlete that makes the commitment to the Academy will see a dramatic improvement in each of the following three areas: Sport Skill + Athletic Performance + Mental Toughness. Here you can read about the Success Stories our proven system has produced along with Pro Tips and Educational Articles from our Faculty of Professional Coaches.

Grace Continues to Excel


Grace Abdoo is a junior at Long Beach Poly High School. She is currently in the P.A.C.E program and is the Libero on the varsity volleyball team. Grace played on JV as a Freshman and Sophomore and has been on varsity since her Junior year. Grace also plays on Club Apex as a Libero and Defensive Specialist. Grace started coming to speed camps at Champion’s QUEST in 2011, after 3 years of speed camps she finally became a Champion's QUEST athlete in Fall 2013, focusing mainly on private sessions and volleyball clinics. Since her time here, Grace is currently tied for third out of all our athletes with an overall score of 84/100. Grace is also only half an inch away from reaching her older sister’s standing vertical jump, which is 29”.

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...Now that question may have crossed your mind or may not have; however, kids always want to be number 1 in soccer and will not wear the #1 jersey (unless they are a Goalkeeper.) So why does the Goalkeeper wear the number 1 jersey and the players scoring all the goals usually wear the number 10, 9, and 7 jerseys?

To answer the title question: Why do Goalkeepers wear #1... the answer is because every formation starts in the back with the Goalkeeper. When your soccer coach tells the team, we are going to play a 1-4-4-2 (also called a 4-4-2) the first number represents the Goalkeeper. The next number "4" means the number of players that will be the defenders. The number after that is another "4" which means the number of midfielders, and t...

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What if you were able to increase your four inches within a three month period? There are many athletes that would want to increase their vertical at least 3-5 inches in a three month period. With athletes wanting to perform at their peak in all levels of competition they tend to seek guidance to help with their athletic performance. There are three areas that you need to increase to gain the ability to get your vertical up and they are increased Power Development, Lower Body Strength and Lower Body Stability. Now without addressing any of these areas in your vertical jump program, there would be a limited amount of height gained in your vertical. The components needed to increase you vertical are simple and need to be apart of a successful jump training program.

Everyone would understand that increasing you power development will ultimately effect your force production in each plane of movement. When you focus on learning and training to master Olympic lifts, this will give you the ability to increase you force production in the shortest amount of time allowed. The Olympic lifts should be the core exercises of your training program and every athlete must learn the movement patterns before attempting to go a maximum lift in each of the lifts (Deadlift, Power Clean, Snatch & Jerk). Each one of these movements can be separate from other core exercises (beginner/novice) or done with with other core exercises (intermediate/advanced). There are some times in a training cycle for advanced athletes primarily focus on only Olympic lifts. This might be when they are in their competition phase of training and want to produce as much power/force as possible. Know when to move from the novice stage of the learning the movement pattern to increasing the weight in the lifts should be based on form and age of the athlete.

Incorporating lower body exercises in your jump training program is a must for anyone that truly wants to increase their vertical. Now these exercises can be done along with the Olympic lifts or they can be separate from the lifts. Other core exercises should include but not limited to Squats (all variations), Step-ups (all angles), RDLs, Good Mornings, and Calf Raises. There are many variations to these exercises and understanding the your body along with know when to incorporate each of these in your program is curtail to gaining the height you desire with your vertical. Being able to understand the movement of the hip hinge in one of the most important parts of the majority of these exercises. When you are able to decrease the time to complete full triple extension of the hip, knee and ankles is the most important aspect of gain maximum force production of your body.

The third and somewhat forgotten area to focus on during your jump training is increasing the stability of your lower body. There are tons of exercises that can help promote stability in the ankles and lower leg, knowing which exercise and when to add it into your training has the greatest effect to the outcome of your training. Having exercises that focus on improving your Static Balance, Reactive Balance, Reaction Time and Deceleration Strength will all work to help you increase the vertical you desire. Many athletes fail to add these types of exercises into their training program and only having the first two areas in their program which causes them to only have small increases in their vertical jump. The most important issue that athlete may have when trying to complete any of these exercises is maintaining correct form during the movement. Learning the movements and being able to complete them in a controlled and effective manor is critical on working to help you gain stability.

Using each of these areas to help you gain vertical is not only needed but should be administered by a trained and qualified professional that understands the movements and knows when to start each phase of training is key to your success. Being able to use each area will allow you to increase you vertical to a level that will build your athleticism and make you the ultimate athlete.

If you need the training and guidance with you vertical jump training, please give us a call and we can start your path to success today!


Julian Sotelo: Taking his Talents to Fresno


Julian Sotelo recently graduated from Gahr High School and from the Champion's QUEST BallPlayer Academy. In 2017 Julian had a big year, he received 2017 Preseason All American from Under Armor, he made the USA National Identification Team (NITS), and was voted Most Improved. During his senior year at Gahr, Julian was one of the Varsity Captains, he also helped the team go 9-1 in league and reach 38th in the California rankings.

In the fall Julian will be attending Fresno State, to continue his baseball career. Congratulations on all your accomplishments thus far Julian! We can't wait to see everything you will accomplish at Fresno State!

"The Powerful Words of A Mother" Mary-Jane Partlow

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Meet Our New Intern: Ava Gomez

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My name is Ava Gomez, and I am entering my sophomore at Trinity Christian College. I am majoring in Exercise Science and minoring in Science and Psychology. I play on Trinity’s Varsity Women’s Soccer team and am attending Trinity on both an academic and athletic scholarship. I made the Dean’s List with above a 3.9 GPA for both semesters and plan on going to graduate school at the University of Southern California for a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. My first season with Trinity just ended and we made it to the second round of the NAIA tournament which is the first time Trinity had been to the NAIA tournament in five years. We also came in second in our conference, and we ended the season with only two losses. I also received high academic honors from the athletic department for both semesters. This August we are going to Costa Rica as a team on a mission trip.
I started playing soccer when I was in kindergarten starting out in AYSO’s Region 5 and by the time I was 7, I started playing club soccer for the North Huntington Beach Futbol Club (NHB). I played up two years on a premiere at NHB for my final two years of club soccer. I graduated from Huntington Beach High School as an AP scholar with distinction and a seal of biliteracy in Spanish. I made the girl’s Junior Varsity team my freshman year and was the offensive player of the year. I then made Varsity my sophomore year.
I enjoy kickboxing, yoga, and full body boot camps. I love to read on my spare time and spend quality time with my family and friends. I enjoy researching and using essential oils and discovering new benefits from the use of essential oils. I am a health nut and love to learn about proper nutrition and the benefits and health risks related to nutrition.
I believe that I will be a great addition to the Champion’s Quest coaching staff because I am diligent, hardworking, positive, a strong leader, and have experience as an athlete. I am always open to and look forward to learning and will use the knowledge I gain to teach and help others when possible. I am excited to help improve other athletes’ performances and assist them in any and every way I possibly can. Champion’s Quest is a wonderful family that I am excited to be a part of.

Ava Gomez

Champion's QUEST Intern

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Meet Our New Intern: Ally LaCarra-Platt

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My name is Ally LaCarra-Platt and I am a freshman on the soccer team at Cal Poly Pomona. I was a member of Champions Quest for about 2 year during high school. During my club years, I played for Beach FC and I attended Los Alamitos High School, where I also played soccer. I was captain for 2 of the 3 years I was on varsity at Los Al, and I was also the captain of my club team for several years.
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Morgan Oropeza: "Quiet Confidence"

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Morgan arrived at Champion's QUEST over 3 months ago and she is not only improving, but she is improving at an alarming pace. Morgan is 10 years old, very smart, works hard and loves the game of basketball. Morgan does not say much when she’s at Champion's QUEST but she is focused, understands her goals and most importantly, displays a quiet confidence that is only seen in her eyes. “ The eyes are a window to the soul”—Anonymous

She came to Champion’s QUEST to develop 3 goals: basketball skills, her knowledge of the game and her agility. In addition, to achieving success in these 3 goals her overall athleticism grew over an incredible +595%. This growth equates to the athleticism of High School Freshman and remember, Morgan is still 10 years old. These results are a combination of support from her family, her commitment to being the best and her desire to excel during BASE clinics, private lessons and her favorite, basketball performance sessions.

Below are Morgan’s Top 5 performance scores:

Linear Speed: Initial: 12.28 seconds Current: 8.65 seconds

Lateral Speed: Initial: 11.71 seconds Current: 9.56 seconds

Acceleration Speed: Initial: 2.21 seconds Current: 1.95 seconds

Core Strength Plank Hold: Initial: 42 seconds Current: 4:00 minutes

Vertical Jump: Initial: 12.5” Current: 14.5”

Morgan’s exceptional athleticism and basketball skills will continue to grow each and every year, but what makes Morgan special is her ability to be both quiet and confident. Quiet confidence is a great description of Morgan because her actions truly speak far louder than words. Morgan, always work hard, believe in your abilities and keep your quiet confidence. I am so proud of you and congratulations on your success!!!!

“Keep Living Like A Champion”

Coach Reggie Ward

University of Notre Dame,88’

Assistant Athletic Director

Champion's Quest Athlete Academy


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Meet Our New Intern: Faith Canfield

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