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We are the largest independent private school for Athletic Development in the country! Every athlete that makes the commitment to the Academy will see a dramatic improvement in each of the following three areas: Sport Skill + Athletic Performance + Mental Toughness. Here you can read about the Success Stories our proven system has produced along with Pro Tips and Educational Articles from our Faculty of Professional Coaches.


Brody Smith: Getting Faster Everyday! Brody has been at Champion's Quest since January 2017 and has a true passion for running. His overall athleticism has improved over 87% but his greatest strengths has been with his agility and speed.

Take a closer look at his performance scores below:

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Throw-ins are an often overlooked part of soccer training. A powerful throw-in can change the course of the game and teams are putting more of an emphasis to find a soccer player who has a throw-in that they can use as a weapon on offense. The video below shows 5 strength exercises that a soccer athlete can use to improve their power on their throw-ins.

For more information on soccer-specific strength training, contact Coach Kyle Ertel by clicking the picture below.



Since June 2016, JENNA PRINCE, now a senior - class of 2018, has INCREASED her athleticism 119%. It is very difficult for any Junior status high school athlete to come in to our academy and improve over 100% in one year. Jenna's work ethic made the difference in gaining 2-1/2 inches of jumping power, 2-1/2 seconds quicker on her agility, 7-tenths off her change of direction sprint, and a 4-minute long plank increasing her stability in her core.

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Julien Dehghi walked into the doors of Champion’s QUEST back in June of 2015 with a short-term goal of improving his running form, juggling and speed. Julien’s long-term goal is to play on the Varsity team for Los Alamitos High School.

temp-post-imageJulien plays club soccer for FC-Premier B02 coached by Gabriel Giangualano and played on the Frosh/Soph team for his high school last Winter. To take his game to the next level, Julien trains at Champion's QUEST to develop his athleticism as well as his technical ball skills. Julien attends Speed, Strength, and High School Soccer clinics in addition to his club soccer practices and trainings.
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Most youth soccer players go through the popular methods of being recruited by soccer college coaches: college recruiting websites, highlight videos, and ID camps.

1. College recruiting websites offer a glance at a soccer player’s profile that consists of player statistics, pictures, videos, academic awards, etc.
2. Highlight videos help college coaches see a soccer player's game when they don’t have an opportunity see the athlete play in person.


3. ID (identification) camps give a closer first-person look for college coaches to see soccer players in a “try-out” scenario held typically at their college campus.

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Sofia Smith walked through the doors of Champion’s QUEST back in January or 2017 eager to improve her athleticism and soccer abilities. Sofia is 10 years old and attends Rossmoor Elementary School. On her first day, Sofia set short-term athletic goals of improving her speed, power, endurance, and strength to be able to do 1 pull-up. Sofia’s long-term goals are to win the State Cup Tournament, play Varsity soccer in high school, and eventually become a film director.

To help reach her goals of becoming the best athlete and soccer player possible, Sofia attended the BASE Clinics to improve her speed, strength, balance, coordination, and endurance. She also attended Soccer Clinics to develop her touch on the soccer ball in addi...

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temp-post-imageHuge Congrats to Cameron Repetti, one of our 2019 Right Handed Pitchers from Cypress High School who recently received an invite to Major League Baseball's annual Prospect Development Pipeline. This is a huge honor for any young high school ballplayer to be recognized as a top MLB draft prospect, but especially in this case because Cameron is only going to be a Junior next year! This is a rare feat, as MLB uses this pipeline to identify upcoming prospects for the following year's draft. The fact they have recognized Cameron's talent at a younger age in anticipation for the 2019 draft is certainly special, and exciting. Cameron burst onto the prospect scene earlier this Spring with a standout performance against Orange Lutheran, who was at the time ranked number one in the nation. Several college scouts, in addition to professional scouts were in attendance to witness his first standout moment as only a Sophomore. Keep up the hard work Cam, and look forward to watching you continue to develop your special talent.
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Futsal is a fast-paced, exciting form of indoor soccer that has been becoming increasing popular in the States. Futsal is the only form of indoor soccer endorsed by FIFA and this small sided game is widely played across the world. Futsal is a 5 v 5 soccer game normally played on a flat, hard surfaced court with hockey sized goals and a smaller, heavier low bounce soccer ball. There are touchline boundaries with no walls and players are free to play the ball over head-height. Games are 20 minutes per half and played to a stopping clock (similar to basketball) with time-outs permitted.


The nature of Futsal revolves around a soccer player’s control, skills, and touch on the ball. Since the size of the field is reduced, creativity and technique as well as ball control and passing in small spaces is emphasized. A player is always in a high-pressure situation and needs to think quickly, make fast decisions, and improvise. All of these soccer competencies can be translated into the full-field 11-a-side format of the game.

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Youth Soccer Training for Soccer Players Coming Back from Knee Injuries

"A lot of soccer players go through knee injuries and it is important to strengthen the supporting muscles in the legs. Exercises with mini-bands help decrease the chances of knee injuries in soccer players." Music Credits: "Centuries" by Fall Out Boy

As Summer approaches, Spring League Games are coming to an end and unfortunately some soccer players are recovering from knee injuries.

In this video, Coach Brittany Gonzales shows dynamic exercises our soccer players will do as they train to recover from a past knee injury - Bone Bruises, MCL sprain, Hamstring strain, ACL surgery, Patellar tendonitis, IT Band tightness, and other injuries for the lower body.

Can these exercises be used for Ankle injuries? ABSOLUTELY!

These band exercises are strengthening all the muscles of the lower body from the glutes down to the calves. Band exercises are a "must" for every soccer player if they want to decrease the likelihood of knee and lower body injuries. Having fun with the bands by trying different movement patterns creates diversity in the workout and engages the lower body muscles. Using the band and changing direction helps push the soccer player in movements patterns they are used to do completing in practice with and without a soccer ball.

Should You use a band even though you are not injured? YES!

All of these exercises in the video can be used to prevent injuries by strengthening the lower body muscles. Don't wait for an injury to happen! Start now with the band exercises and work your way up to more complex and stamina building exercises for the muscles.

What should I watch out for with these Figure-8 Band exercises?

At first, your muscles are not used to the movements under band pressure so expect to feel soreness, burning, and tightness. This is normal as your muscles get stronger. Start with a light resistance band and then work your way up the different levels of resistance bands. Foam roll after every training session will help your muscles recover quicker from the exercises and help reduce the likelihood of injury.


temp-post-image Summer is upon us! With the start of the Summer quarter here at Champion’s Quest comes a fresh start, and opportunity to create positive change. Without the stresses of everyday school life, and in-season athletics, the freedom of Summer is a welcome break from life! However, it is my opinion that the Summer period is also the time when the true elite athletes dedicate themselves to taking a huge leap forward year after year.

Have you ever caught yourself saying, “Gosh, if I had the kind of time that person had I would be as athletic as that person too?!” Yep, so have I!! But what I have also realized through my athletic endeavors and role as a performance coach is that elite athletes have exhibited a hunger to imp...

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