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We are the largest independent private school for Athletic Development in the country! Every athlete that makes the commitment to the Academy will see a dramatic improvement in each of the following three areas: Sport Skill + Athletic Performance + Mental Toughness. Here you can read about the Success Stories our proven system has produced along with Pro Tips and Educational Articles from our Faculty of Professional Coaches.


Coach Rogel will be partnering up with Champion’s QUEST Soccer Academy to help our soccer players take their games to the next level in 2018! Here are a few words from Coach Rogel:

Hi, my name is Rogel Lima. I am a Junior at California State University, Long Beach working toward my Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Kinesiology with an option in Fitness. I have played soccer for over fifteen years. I played four years of Varsity Soccer at Mayfair High School as a center defensive midfielder, where I was also captain of the team as a junior and senior. I played club soccer at Greater Long Beach and Hawaiian Gardens Eagles Soccer Clubs, playing the Center Back and Wing Back positions. With HG Eagles, I played three seasons in the P...

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If you’re like me, you're ready to just get moving in this New Year. You're getting ready to take down your holiday décor and pack it in its corner until next year. People are finally becoming normal again and lovely LA traffic is sinking back in. So the last thing you want to think about is: how are your resolution’s coming along? Like most normal adults we always enter into the New Year thinking about ways that we can better ourselves or just change something so that this is “our” year. Many people make resolutions every year, but athletes reevaluate on this weekly, monthly and seasonally. Now that we're a week into the New Year, how many people have slid back into their typical habits? How do we figure o...

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“Hard work pays off”—Kayla Ishibashi

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FOR ATHLETES: The most valuable outcome you should expect from attending a College ID Camp is that you will become a better expert at competing for the job of playing in college and earning an athletic scholarship.

What does that mean?

temp-post-imageOne of the best Recruiting Coordinators of all time, Bob Chmiel, has told families that he discovered only TWO players at summer camp in his 30 years of recruiting.

Many recruits attend college camps with the expectation of being discovered by the college coaches (Type 1 player.) Typically, the only athletes who receive “true” evaluations are the recruits that the staff was already aware of and actively recruiting. (Type 2 player)

So what does that mean for you?

It is imperative that athletes contac...

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Class of 2022 at Cal Lutheran University just added a driven, well-respected, determined student-athlete in Brandon Smith.


Brandon will be graduating this year from St. Anthony's High School in Long Beach and our Champion's QUEST Soccer Academy. When Brandon started on his journey here at Champion's QUEST in August 2016, Brandon's long-term goals were to play college soccer and become a surgeon. So far, the first part of his goals is becoming a reality. We will all have to wait and see what the future holds for Brandon's 2nd goal - getting into college is definitely a step in the right direction.

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temp-post-image"Work ethic eliminates fear"-Michael Jordan

Many young athletes want to do well in school, in sports and even social activities. But many young athletes still find it difficult to set themselves apart from the competition. The champion athlete recognizes that they need more to achieve success and there lies a strong W.O.R.K E.T.H.I.C.

“Work ethic is defined as a belief in labouring diligently. An example of someone with work ethic is a person who gets to work on time every day and always works long days to get the job done.”— Therefore, the best and most successful athletes embrace the true value of a strong W.O.R.K E.T.H.I.C to achieve goals on and off the field. Now below are key W.O.R.K E.T.H.I.C ...

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temp-post-imageThis week’s athlete success story highlights an athlete that is six months into her Champion’s Quest journey, Mikayla Carmen. Mikayla’s journey started back in May, and started with some private training sessions before transitioning into group training. Mikayla is a dual sport athlete, so finding time to commit to a consistent schedule was hard, but she made her performance training a priority at least once a week. Since joining in the academy, she has training a total of 42 hours with us and that training has shown some significant improvement from an already initially strong athlete.

Her greatest increases came in upper body strength, speed, and lower body strength.


Performance Drills

Standing Vertical 18 -> 22.5

Approach Vertical 21.5 -> 24

5-10-5 5.16 -> 4.86

10 Yard Dash 1.83 -> 1.56

Push-Ups 12 -> 34

As Mikayla’s performance coach, it has been awesome to see her transition and really buy into her athletic development. Sure, there are days when it is a struggle for her to come in, but even on those days she commits and gives her best effort. I love her attitude and dedication and can’t wait to see where she gets in an additional 6 months.

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Movement requires 3 planes of motion and it is important to control the body throughout these 3 planes: sagittal, frontal, and transverse. If an athlete does not respond well to one of these planes, they are more prone to injury or performance issues.

In this instructional video, I'll be showing you how we develop our athletes in all 3 planes of motion at Champion's QUEST in our Performance Clinics.

To schedule an Athletic Evaluation to determine if your athlete is at a risk for an injury, click the picture below.


temp-post-imageThis past Fall we had our quarter testing with all of our athletes in our program. There were multiple athletes that had huge improvements with their performance and Ana Canning is one of those athletes. Ana is a sophomore at Los Alamitos High School and part of their Varsity Lacrosse team and she is proud to say that she earned the starting Attack position for this 2017-2018 season.

When she came in at the beginning of Summer we found that she needed to increase her foot speed, agility and upper body endurance. She enrolled on our Varsity program to help address those needs on her performance gains. During the Summer quarter Ana was in training in our clinics at least three times per week and the areas she focused on were strength, spee...

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Hello, I am Jolene St.Pierre. I am a junior at California State University, Long Beach in pursuit of my Bachelor's of Science in Kinesiology. I played volleyball at Torrance high school as well as Southbay, Beach Cities and Prime Volleyball clubs as a opposite and setter. There I got the wonderful opportunity to travel to the 2012 AAU National Volleyball Championships in Florida and the 2013 Junior Nationals in Texas. I continued my volleyball career at El Camino College where I played two years of indoor volleyball as a setter with back to back conference champion titles from 2014-2015, as well as two years of the beach volleyball program in 2015 and 2017. I began coaching in 2014 at Triumph Volleyball Club where I coached a 12's and 14...

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