Imagine your child becoming more coordinated and confident... 

THAT is the ATHLETIKID Difference! 

ATHLETIKID is a "creatively fun" program for kids (ages 5-6) that develops skills through coordination and confidence. The program is sports development driven to lay a solid athletic foundation and it offers a safe training environment to learn athleticism. 


Athlete Will:

  • Build Gross Motor Skills

  • Experience Creativity

  • Learn Skills

  • Improve Coordination

  • Enhance Body Control

  • Visualize Success

  • Establish Confidence

Program Details:

Days: Mon. - Thurs.

Times: 3:30pm - 4:00pm*

*Clinic Times. Private coaching is available. 

Enrollment Tuition:

• Custom Recommended Program; Tuition Varies
  Limited Time Only Tryout for $25!

“My son is looking so much more athletic on the field and it has even made his coach ask: ‘What has he been doing?’ He’s even so confident he wants to try a new sport!” - AthletiKid Parent

"We LOVE Champion’s Quest!! We’ve taken our 5-year old daughter there for a few months now, and she can't get enough of it! She always wants to come back for more. She is usually shy around new people, but she immediately got along with ALL of the coaches. She loves them! Watching how she interacts with them, and seeing how they treat her, is heartwarming. Also, Hope has really learned a bunch of athletic skills! Even at her young age, we can see the improvement. She will be a Champions’s Quest Athlete for the next 13 years!!”  - AthletiKid Parent


I want to have my athlete experience ATHLETIKID for ONLY $25!

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