Imagine your child becoming more coordinated and confident... 

THAT is the ATHLETIKID Difference! 

ATHLETIKID is a "creatively fun" program for kids (ages 5-6) that develops skills through coordination and confidence. The program is sports development driven to lay a solid athletic foundation and it offers a safe training environment to learn athleticism. 


Athlete Will:

  • Build Gross Motor Skills

  • Experience Creativity

  • Learn Skills

  • Improve Coordination

  • Enhance Body Control

  • Visualize Success

  • Establish Confidence

Program Details:

Days: Mon. - Thurs.

Times: 3:30pm - 4:00pm*

*Clinic Times. Private coaching is available. 

Enrollment Tuition:

• Custom Recommended Program; Tuition Varies
  Limited Time Only Tryout for $25!

“My son is looking so much more athletic on the field and it has even made his coach ask: ‘What has he been doing?’ He’s even so confident he wants to try a new sport!” - AthletiKid Parent


I want to have my athlete experience ATHLETIKID for ONLY $25!

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