Peak Performance Crew: Train at a Higher Level Than Your Competition!

Crew Champion's QUESTNewsflash! Just having your child attend practice will not make them a dominating athlete anymore! Well not since the 1980’s. This is why here at the Champion’s QUEST Athlete Academy we have developed the premier athletic development program for developing, highly competitive & dedicated youth athletes. Champion’s Quest rowers develop the mental toughness, stamina and power needed before they even enter college! They do this by committing to a highly structured program that is:

  • Based on science

  • In compliance with the American Academy of Pediatrics & American College of sports medicine

  • Optimized for youth athletes by way of a focused school-like curriculum

  • Taught by highly educated and certified Athlete Performance Coaches

  • Guaranteed to greatly improve the athlete’s athleticism & confidence

With collegiate rowing expanding, due to the title IX rule put in place by the NCAA, there are more opportunities for scholarships than ever.

How do world-class rowers dominate like they do? They dedicate themselves to becoming as mentally tough and as physically powerful as possible!

Rowing is a highly challenging sport. It requires endless amounts of both mental and physical stamina in order to be successful. The difference between your athlete being successful at rowing or not is decided by their dedication to improving their mind and body. The Champion’s Quest Peak Performance Program for rowers is a land-based curriculum that trains your athlete in the areas of strength development, performance nutrition, flexibility for range of motion as well as the mental focus that is vital to every rower.

Every Champion’s Quest Baseball Player has a Powerful Success Story.

Champion’s QUEST is the best way to become a better baseball player. GUARANTEED. Champion’s QUEST is a university for baseball players that offer two academies: Athlete Performance and Sports Performance. The Athlete Performance Academy builds baseball players who greatly increase their power, speed, quickness, agility, quickness, vertical jump, focus, endurance, and mental toughness. The Sports Performance Academy improves the technical skills needed by competitive baseball players.

Athlete Performance Academy

Champion’s Quest rowing athletes forge together a unique combination of explosive power, quickness, agility, speed and endurance all built on a solid foundation of mental toughness. The Champion’s Quest Peak Performance Programs gives rowers professional training that translates directly into a competitive advantage. The results are increases in explosive power, stamina, speed and mental toughness on the water.

School, League and Team Training

Champion’s QUEST professional trainers and coaches follow a proven system that improves the athletic and sports performance of large groups of athletes. Add high quality professional training to your team, league, or school’s athletic program.