What do athletes wear to train at Champion's QUEST?

Athletes should wear appropriate athletic attire and athletic shoes (no cleats) and be ready to sweat in a high intensity dynamic training session.

Do athletes need to bring their own water?

Bottled water and sweat towels are provided. Body Armor Sports Drink and QUEST protein bars are available for purchase.

Where do athletes check-in when arriving at Champion's QUEST?

All enrolled Academy athletes check in with their Academy Card at the front desk. If you forget your academy card, please check in with Athlete Services before entering the training facility. Replacement academy cards are $5 and can be purchased at the front desk.

Guest athletes and parents, please check in with Athlete Services upon arriving, you will be provided with any necessary paperwork and your athlete will be directed to their training session.

What do Parents do while their Athlete is Training?

Parents are welcome to drop off their athletes or watch their athlete during the training session from the comfort of our Parent Lounge. Parent Lounge includes coffee, tea, cardio equipment, and live sporting events on the flat screen TVs.

Please do not enter the training facility as the athletes are busy at work becoming faster and stronger. If you need to speak with your athlete, please let the Athlete Services Team know and they will gladly help you.

Who is Coaching my Athlete?

Champion's QUEST employs coaches that have played their sport collegiately or professionally, have a degree in Kinesiology or related major that is approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics, are certified through an accredited organization such as the National Strength & Conditioning Association, and have the passion to help youth athletes achieve their athletic goals.

Champion's QUEST also provides college internships for past/present collegiate athletes looking to gain knowledge and experience in the youth strength & conditioning career.

What is the average Clinic: Athlete Ratio?

Each clinic is designed to give individual attention to a small group of athletes. Our clinic:athlete ratio is an average of six athletes in the clinic. Some clinics may have more than six athletes and some may have less. Additional coaches are always "on deck" to help with providing the best coaching for our athletes.

How do I book a training session?

Sessions are booked on a first come, first serve basis. Clinics and privates do fill up, please schedule as soon as you know your schedule. Sessions are not booked automatically. Quarterly clinic schedules can be found HERE.
If it is your first time at Champion's QUEST, please visit our GUEST PASS page and fill out the request. We would like to get to know your athlete better to recommend the best approach to start training.

To schedule an appointment as an Academy athlete, you can sign into your account, call us at 562-598-2600, email our Athlete Services Team at FrontDesk@ChampionsQUEST.com, or stop by in person at our facility in Los Alamitos: 10714 Reagan St, Bldg B.

How do I schedule my Athlete Management Session?

Athlete management and college recruiting sessions are in addition to your program sessions (clinic/privates) and can be scheduled the same way as your program sessions (see above.) We HIGHLY encourage parents to participate in these sessions. Athlete Management Schedules can be found HERE.

Athlete Management Calendar:

SPRING: March, April, May SUMMER: June, July, August

FALL: September, October, November WINTER: December, January, February

How do I Cancel my training session?

We do require a 24 hour notice to cancel any session otherwise it will be deemed an absence and considered used. However, we do understand that life happens, athletes get sick, hurt themselves at recess, and unexpected events take place. When one of these events take place, please contact us as soon as possible by phone 562-598-2600 or email FrontDesk@ChampionsQUEST.com

When do my training Sessions Expire?

All sessions, including clinics, private sessions, athlete management sessions, and college recruiting sessions expire at the end of the athletic calendar quarter in which they accrue to your account. If you foresee an unexpected event with your future program sessions, please contact your counseling coach/team by email or call 562-598-2600 and we will gladly help to find a solution.

Any privates or clinics purchased a la carte expire one year from date of purchase.

What do I do if we are going on Vacation?

Summer and Holidays often call for family vacations and travel tournaments. All training sessions expire at the end of each athletic quarter; therefore, athletes are encouraged to use their training sessions prior to vacation or use them after they return from vacation.

If the vacation extends for a long period of time, please contact your counseling coach/team and we will gladly help you with a solution.

What do I do if my athlete is Injured?

With most injuries, our athletes continue to train to build the strength of the body around the injured site and substitute other exercises to help the athlete maintain their fitness levels during the injured period. If the athlete cannot train at all (ex. concussion) please provide a written excuse from your medical professional complete with an actual and estimated return date. You can email your counseling coach or call 562-598-2600.