“I have learned to continue working hard even when exhausted so I can accomplish my goals” - 16y.o. football player - Los Alamitos, CA

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Middle School Prep

Middle School Prep (Ages 8-10) is a proven program that develops a foundation in coordination, footwork, body-weight exercises, and proper running technique taught by motivational coaches.

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High School Prep

High School Prep (Ages 11-13) is a proven program that greatly improves athletic ability during pubescent years by giving the athlete functional total body strength and speed mechanics that also prevents injury.

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College Prep

College Prep (Ages 14-18) is a proven system that will prevent injury, accelerate speed, increase velocity & power and most importantly have your athlete competing like a college athlete before they get to college!

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  • • Position Specialization

  • • Explosive Power

  • • Mental Approach/Game IQ

  • • Showcase & Recruiting

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