Team Combine

“The stamina I have acquired through training has given me the confidence I need to be at my best” - 15y.o. wa

What you will receive?

By the evening of the Combine, the coaching staff will receive a detailed report of participating athletes with the following information (customized for each sport) in order of testing results:

  • Quickest athletes (agility/speed)

  • Strongest athletes (core/upper body)

  • Most powerful athletes (leg power)

The athletes in attendance will receive an individual report of their own performance results by mail.

Free Team Athletic Performance Combine

The Champion’s QUEST Athlete Academy is now introducing a Team Combine Day to local teams, leagues & camps. The main purpose of this service is to provide the coaching staff with a detailed breakdown of the level of athleticism of both incoming athletes (for tryout purposes) and current team members possess via certified results by a third party. We would like to provide this free service to your organization during camp, tryouts, season or off-season.