Team Training

“Champion’s QUEST has made me confident, positive and pro-active in my life and athletics.” 15y.o. volleyball player - Seal Beach, CA

Your team will acheive their full athletic potential if your team improves their speed, strength, power and nutritional intake on a weekly basis.

How do we get results?

  • Proper education by our Certified Sports Performance Coaches

  • Form and Balance first! Everything else Second.

  • Consistency in training through commitment.

  • Unlimited Open Gym for athletes to do extra workouts (not available for Club level programs)

Teams With A Minimum Of Six Athletes Can Start Today!

Part Of A Club Organization? We Also Have A Program For 100+ Athletes!

"The Champion's QUEST Team Training Program improved my team's acceleration out of the batters box by an average of 1 tenth of a second!" -Coach Chris Steer, Los Altos 12y.o. All-Stars

"As a coaching staff, one of the things you really want to see is team cohesiveness. Champion’s QUEST has helped with that tremendously since this gives our players the ability to interact outside of the normal practice routine, and yet it’s not just for ‘fun’. The kids have to work hard, work together, and encourage each other. As a result, the team is much more cohesive. More importantly, the athletes themselves notice a difference. They’ve noticed that they can run faster and they’re getting stronger from training." – Coach Jerry Antolin, Long Beach Blaze